Alumni Highlights

Frank Dembowski

Frank graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and Anthropology. He is currently a graduate student at ECU Anthropology.

“I am proud to have majored in Religious Studies because it shaped my intellectual thinking, my potential as a working citizen, and my spiritual life. I certainly benefited from the Religious Studies Program academically, but more importantly, Religious Studies had an ineffable impact on how I experience life.”

– Frank

Mansi Trivedi

Mansi graduated with a a double major in Religious studies and Biology. She currently a graduate student at ECU Brody School of Medicine.

“The time I have spent in the Religious Studies Program at ECU has completely changed the way I view education…after taking courses in religious studies that have forced me to challenge and critically assess my beliefs, I have learned that the path towards true knowledge and discovery is not necessarily the easiest one. When you put yourself in challenging situations and when you ask yourself those hard contemplative questions, you truly learn and discover something new about yourself.”

– Mansi

Aashna Lala

Aashna graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and Biology.

“I’m really grateful for that day that you convinced me to double major. It is helping me so much in med school. It is also something that has made me stand out and be different from all the other ‘nerds’ here.”

– Aashna

Jesse Miller

Jesse graduated with a a double major in Religious Studies and Anthropology. He is currently a graduate Student at Florida State University.

“Choosing to study Religious Studies at East Carolina University was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my professional career. These studies proved invaluable as I pursued graduate degrees in Religion. The comprehensive and holistic curriculum exposed me to the beautiful diversity of religious expressions around the world. Even though East Carolina’s campus community is large, my pursuit of a degree in the Religious Studies program had a personal touch and my esteemed professors always made the time and effort to build my curiosity and foster my professional development. I also have the pleasure of passing on the knowledge I learned as I teach undergraduates in religious studies. Thanks to ECU Religious Studies, I am now well prepared as I move towards PhD candidacy in Religion at Florida State University.”

– Jesse

Calvin Bradley

Calvin graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and Rehabilitation Studies. He is currently completing his PhD degree and serving as Chaplain at Vidant Hospital.

“The religious studies program at ECU helped to cultivate my passion for understanding the psycho-social elements of religion, and the implications of such both for the individual and the larger community or system involved. My professors were extremely supportive and devoted to helping me develop the critical thinking and academic writing skills needed for the field. It was these skills that propelled me through the M.S. in Global and International Education and the Master of Divinity programs I later completed. Today, I serve as the Pediatric Staff Chaplain to Women’s and Children’s Services at Vidant Medical Center, and am working towards completing my doctorate degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution Studies.”

– Calvin

Anthony Beall

Tony graduated as a Religious Studies and English double major. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago.

“East Carolina University fostered my interest in World Religions and developed the critical thinking skills that will support my Religious Studies graduate work at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School”

– Tony

Katie Medinas

Katie graduated with a double major in Religious Studies. She is currently a graduate student at Duke University.