Student Success Plans

If you decided that a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies is your path, use the following resources and review documents guidelines to help in processing and organizing your course choices effectively:

In case of concern, contact the Director of Religious Studies of any faculty for assistance

Library Resources

  • East Carolina University’s Joyner Library has a broad array of resources for the academic study of religion.
  • Books on religion are primarily located on the second floor of Joyner Library between BL and BX. Many books are located in the sections devoted to anthropology, history, philosophy, sociology, and so forth. Browse the aisles or search the catalogs.
  • Journals can provide a valuable source of information on detailed topics. The Library collects paper version of many journals.
  • Electronic Databases provide the user with access to thousands of journals not collected by Joyner Library. In many cases, it is possible to obtain full-text versions of articles immediately. In particular, students are encouraged to use the ATLA database, which is focused on Religious Studies.
  • Films can provide a lively complement to all sorts of research. Joyner’s collection of videos can be found on the second floor.
  • Interlibrary Loan is a service that enables users of Joyner Library to obtain books, journals, films, and other library materials from other libraries throughout the country.

Other Resources